a new concept

of leisure

and water living

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“After an extensive search, it was clear to me that the FLOATWING was by far the most advanced boat in its class, and a great addition to the Mystic River”


by Matt McCormack,

owner of Harbor View Landing.



GOFRIDAY´s houseboats, referred to as FLOATWING, are characterized by its cutting edge technology, that brings together the luxury of a house on land with the mobility of a boat. All technical features such as motors, air conditioning or combustion heaters are customizable and energy autonomy reaches 100% during the summer months.


Dedicated to serving the leisure and free time market with high professional standards, GOFRIDAY fosters a youthful, responsible yet carefree corporate culture, consistent with the weekend spirit that inspired the brand name.


GOFRIDAY brings together a wide range of design, engineering, certification and marketing competencies focused on creating technologically advanced nautical and water related leisure devices and equipment.

GOFRIDAY's solutions favour the principles of modularity, personalised client relationships, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

improve your living concept

come float with us